Week 11

Leading group discussion for two weeks was a challenge I was excited to take on. I felt, the articles that our group found ended up being very beneficial to the class and gave good information on the topics that we were to discuss that week. The articles led to good class discussion that everybody participated in. The questions that we aimed to ask during discussion were intentionally open ended, and very easy for people to offer multiple opinions on. We asked broad questions to begin wanting to know peoples opinions and thoughts generally on the article letting them make points and asking counter questions based on what they said. When it came to the dark web I thought we kind of got caught on the negative side of the dark web because of the common notion that comes with it. As opposed to looking at all the ways it is used, we focused on the negative illegal black market aspect. We also thought that people would be more interested in that aspect. The reading that I specifically liked from this week, even though it was a bit dry, was the dark web article. Even though that it talked a lot about the economics and other aspects of the deep/dark web we could not find an article that really helped to define that difference. That was another aspect that we struggled to define, the difference between the deep and the dark web. The video that we found and watched did that the best perhaps out of everything we did. The activity that we did I thought abled people to do a lot with the stuff we brought to them from the readings and the video. By making an info graph about the dark web it allowed students to show what they had learned.    

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  • I knew very little about the dark web before this week and did not know that it is used for as many things as it actually is. Now I am more aware about the depth of information being shared over the Internet that I never encounter. While the way the Internet functions is still confusing to me, our class has taught me a lot about the complexity of this system.

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