Timeline write up

For the past couple weeks I have been working on the timeline assignment for History 427. This assignment, like all the others was focused on aspects of the information age, but unlike others we were allowed to choose topics to do research on. The topics that I chose were Video Games, and news broadcasting in the Vietnam War. WIthin Video Games, I focused on Nintendo and then the modern era of gaming which has almost turned into its own social network, as well as its own online community. Video Games began with Nintendo in the 1970s and quickly progressed to go mobile with the gameboy. They also developed the online gaming capable console in the Gamecube. The Gameboy allowed kids to take their favorite games on the road with them and through adaptor capables they could connect with their friends and play that way. This changed how kids interacted. The Gamecube changed this even more allowing people to play videogames on consoles that were not even in the same area code. This further revolutionized how Video Games were played/designed and children interacted. By the Mid 2000s “Multiplayer  Gaming” had become a necessity for most major releases to include. The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 were the first systemes that allowed party style gaming in which people could talk to each other either in private parties or through game lobbies. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One have continued these ideas and online gaming has almost turned into its own social network. The Vietnam War was the first war that was brought directly into the living rooms of Americans. The way the war was covered has become a controversial topic in the years. The brutality along with the military plans that were broadcast on TV were seen after as to much for the american public to handle. Walter Cronkite proved to be the most remembered man in terms of broadcasting from this era. Cronkite was made famous by his honest and upfront coverage of the Vietnam war, often being called the “trusted man in America.”

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