Silent Film blog 2

The silent film was probably the most different project I have done in my time as a history major. In my time at UMW I have never had an assignment quite like this one. I have made movies before but they have always been guided around a certain topic. This was one where we kind of took it and ran with it, which our group as a whole did a very good job with. I found it easy to work together and felt that I can speak for everyone in saying that we had fun filming the project. We tried not to make the topic to heavy and did not want forced humor in the film. We decided on our film script  through mutual communication and decision. It did not take long to figure all the logistics out and who was going to be doing what. The filming aspect was light hearted but serious. We had all seen clips of Charlie Chaplin, who was the most well known silent film actor ever. We decided to model our film in a way that would have different types of humor throughout the film. The multiple types of humor we felt were typical in silent film. From physical, to verbal, we felt having diverse humor was important because of the fact that our audience would not be able to hear us. The way we decided on what we were going to steal was kind of silly. That was the one part of the project we had some kind of dispute on. Some of us wanted to “steal” the grey lock box but the other part of the group wanted to steal the phone from the president. We thought that stealing the phone would provide more comic relief as well as provide the opportunity to film the scene where the “president” catches me and billy trying to sell the phone for money. Overall, I really enjoyed the project.

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