27 Military Gadgets

While this was not an academic article it was still very informative and an interesting read. I knew that military research and gadgets pervaded civilian life but I had no idea that some of the most everyday items come from military development. The internet, the first one mentioned was the first to surprise me. I always thought the internet was developed for commercial reasons not military. One of the inclusions that was somewhat concerning health wise was microwave ovens. I can see how eating to much microwaved food could be hazardous for your health since it uses the same technology as World War II radar. These rays could possible cause cancer and other health hazards. Perhaps the three most surprising/interesting technological developments were aviators, duct tape, and womens pads. Aviators were developed as protection for pilots eyes from the sun and took the place of heavy helmets. They were especially popular for heavy bomber pilots with pressurized cabins. The glasses replaced the helmets because they were less bulky, shielded the sun better, and were more fashionable. Ray bans eventually developed the glasses for post war use and the glasses are very recognizable today as the “aviators” nicknamed because of their use in the war. Duct tape was another surprising feature on this list. I had no real knowledge of where it came from. The reason it was developed was simple, the military needed an adhesive device, specifically for ammo boxes that would hold strong but also be easier to takeoff than the seals that they were using at the time. It was not limited to only ammo boxes however. It was also used to repair vehicles, equipment, and weapons because of its strong adhesive qualities and resistance to dirt and water. Duct tape went on to be used in civilian life in a similar way. Perhaps duct tapes moment of fame was a picture from the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. In the picture one of the rovers tires is seen as having been repaired with duct tape.

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