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General Douglas Haig, commander of the British forces on the Somme. 

National Army Museum
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Erich Von Falkenhayn was the commander of the German forces on the Somme until he was replaced in August.
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Herbert Kitchener was the secretary of war during the First World War and when war was declared by Britain he made a call for 400,000 thousand enlistments.
The Vickers gun was the primary machine gun used by armies during the First World War. It was used with deadly efficiency at the Somme.
The tank was deployed for the first time at the Somme. This is a picture of thr Mark IV tank deployed by the British on September the 15, 1916.
The British took these 12 inch naval guns and made them into field artillery, this was the heaviest gun the British had at the Somme.
Henri-Felipe Petan was the commander of French soldiers at the Somme.